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Crew directory algorithm finds the best crew members for your shoot every time

The most efficient crewing app for the broadcast industry

ADESK Press Release

CHARLESTON, SC (August 9, 2019) –  If you haven’t been paying attention to, you haven’t been paying attention. has significantly improved its algorithm over the last year and added features for users to store their own ratings and notes. The Algorithm is based on user feedback and ranking. It now gives preference to their rating along with the entire communities’ ratings. With the updates, over 3,600 shoots were booked and 3,000 crew and booker profiles were created in the last year.

“We know that leaders in the professional production booking space, like Go To Team and Assignment Desk, are using this software on a daily basis,” says ADesk Founder, Patrick Bryant

Adesk’s simple design makes it easy for Production Managers to find the best crew members quickly.   Thousands of people can get booked directly on the site. The Crew Profiles have free contact information. You can find the right person and book them. 

“We noticed a huge opportunity in the production industry to create a database where all crew contacts are stored in an accessible database. The functionality of the app allows you to book any crew position that you need, instantaneously. We’ve eliminated the hassle of a vetting process and working through third-party services to find a crew member that may not be up to your standards. Through the simple click of a button you can crew an entire shoot and manage all of the details within the platform.says Bryant


It’s the CRM for the Production Community. Crew members and bookers are able to create a free profile on the ADesk app. With a free profile, you will be ranked based on a double-tiered community rating. All crew profiles can be upgraded to an “elite” account for an annual fee of just $300.00. The elite profiles will go through an additional vetting process where ADesk admins will verify equipment, previous jobs, and community ratings. This vetting process allows a badge to be added to the overall profile so producers and bookers can feel confident in booking a new crew member on an upcoming shoot. 

There are already dozens of profiles that have gone through the elite vetting process on 

ADESK Press Release

From a booking perspective, producers and bookers will be able to have their crews marked as their top crews and placed at the top of their search feeds. If the shoot is out of range for the preferred crew, or they are already booked that day, community rankings will help determine a viable alternative option along with new searches in that area closest. 



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