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Post-Production Tips and Tricks | Assignment Desk – Blog | The three steps of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production. 

Production, arguably, is the time where the most work is done. Most of the time, production means long hours on your feet while working hard to get the best shots. But, let’s not forget about post-production. This is where everything that you have been working so hard on comes together. Basically it’s where all of the behind the scenes magic happens. Post-production is pretty crucial to the process. We’ve put together a few tips to help you ensure your post-production time is seamless: 


After all of the hours or days you spent shooting, you most likely have a ton of hours of footage. The first thing to do is get organized. Try to not have all of the video spread out amongst several hard drives. Especially, because some footage can get lost. Staying organized will save you time and money! Being thoroughly organized can also help you find some things you didn’t even know existed, making for a better finally project. 


Now, it is time to edit. You are going to need an editor for both picture and sound. There is a lot of thought that goes into editing the video. It is important to make sure you include a variety of shots, such as wide shots, medium shots, and detailed shots. Details are critical! As for sound, music can add a lot of power to your piece. This can change the whole mood of a scene. Also, what is being said is most of the time very important to the piece so make sure to layer the dialogue with the music or any other sounds being added.  


One last interesting tip we have for you guys is to stabilize your footage. Adobe Premiere is the perfect tool to help with this step. The depth of field can cause the image of the video to look shaky at times and this is a helpful technique that many people do not know about! 

We hope this post-production tips and tricks will help you next time you find yourself in the post-production process! Ready to book a post-production crew member for an upcoming shoot? Contact our team today!


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