Our Story

Our Story, High End video crews throughout the United States

We are the biggest and best, staff video crew provider in the United States. We shoot content! Not just content, but great content at the highest level. Need a gorgeous feature, high end interview, beautiful b-roll and color? We’re the ones to Go To!

What do we do?

We help tell your story. We shoot engaging sports features, gorgeous interviews for network news, unscripted shows and feature docs for production companies, Networks and Streamers and corporate pieces for fortune 100 and 500 companies. Are we too big for your shoot? Absolutely not! They’re all big and important to us. Your story matters.

We care.

Go To Crews do more than just shoot great content. We care about the subjects we cover. Our crews assist showrunners, producers and editors by lending their creativity behind the lens and with their expertise in lighting.

We execute your vision.

We think about the story from a visual perspective and help our clients tell that story. Every shoot tells a story. We’re passionate about your story every time with every crew and on every shoot no matter when or where it is.

We’re not a crewing company.

Go To Crews are STAFF, W-2 Full -Time Employees trained in house over years. We find developing camera people , build them through our one of a kind Federally Accredited Apprenticeship program, support them with elite training, give them high end cameras and equipment, then place them strategically in major cities throughout the country to service our clients.  Each of our Directors of Photography have gone through our 12 month apprenticeship and come out of it ready to shoot for all of our clients. They not only understand the technical part of shooting and how the gear works, but their eye has been further trained along with the adept skills needed to handle themselves and other crew members on any set.

Our Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship FAQ’s here.

How did we build a unique business like Go To Team?

Go To Team was founded in October 1997 after recognizing there was a shortage of good organized camera crews in the smaller markets outside Atlanta. Go To Team was created to fill this niche in the Southeast video crew market. The goal was to provide high quality video crews in local markets throughout the southeast. So we positioned the corporate office in Charleston, SC while our 1st Director of Photography remained centrally based in of Columbia, SC. This gave Go To Team the advantage of reaching several mid-sized cities.

By simply offering the highest standard of quality, best equipment and a great attitude, following the motto “Do Whatever It Takes”, Go To Team quickly gained the attention of national media networks and other clients. The turning point came after covering the Monica Lewinsky Story; we knew it was time to build.

Go To Team purchased several sets of identical gear and set out to offer the same quality in multiple markets. By positioning STAFF cameramen in key cities, Go To Team could offer camera crews in different local markets.

Clients became repeat customers because they only had to make one call, providing them access to a variety of cameraman’s schedules, the ability to benefit from local resources and confidence that they will be met on location with the same gear and professional attitude from each of our STAFF video crews.