Orlando DP/Partner Offers Expertise at Dave School

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Inside the Soundstage at Dave School - on the "backlot" of Universal Studios Orlando

Go To Team’s Orlando DP/Partner Dan Beckmann has been asked to help teach a class at The Dave School – the world’s leading stereoscopic 3D modeling, animation and visual effects school.

The Dave School, located next to the Go To Team offices on the back-lot of Universal Studios Orlando, offers extensive training under the supervision of qualified instructors.  Their programs are designed to give the student complete control over tools and techniques used in film, television and video game production companies all over the world.

For nearly twenty years, Beckmann has had a unique view – a front row seat – to some of the world’s biggest events:  sit-down interviews with presidents and prime ministers – coverage of 9-11 from “ground zero” – the Olypmic Games in Torino, Itlay – the war in the Middle East – Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath – and various International Documentaries.

While technology changes daily, the one constant is telling a good story. With Dan’s experience, he will be helping The Dave School students learn storytelling through the camera lens, as well as lighting and interview techniques for all types of situations.