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On Screen Make Up Tips | Slicked back hair, pearly white smiles, and flawless skin. What’s the secret to attaining the TV reporter look? Here are a few tips and tricks to help your talent look their best for the big game!

Make up tips | Assignment Desk

Assignment Desk’s make-up connoisseur, Angie Cottone, was selected by Fox Sports to work her magic

Let’s start with taming your mane:

You’re almost picture perfect and then you spot a couple of frills poking out of your scalp. Have no fear! One way to defrizz your hair is using dryer sheets. By taking a dryer sheet and gently rubbing it onto your hair can combat the frizziness and give you a nice, smooth surface. 

You’ve been in the sun all day and you’re sweating like crazy! (Gross):

When you head back indoors, you notice your hair is oily. And oh, shoot! You forgot your can of dry shampoo at home. One trick to get rid of greasy hair is by applying activated charcoal. Not only is activated charcoal useful for greasy hair, but it is known as a natural teeth whitener and good for facials. 

If your skin is oily on camera: 

You definitely don’t want to get a towel to blot your face and ruin your make-up. Alternatively, a soft fabric like a toilet seat cover will wipe away the sweat without doing too much damage to your make-up. 

Thank you Fox Sports for selecting Assignment Desk, and thanks to Angie Cottone for being a go-to hair and make up artist! We look forward to working with you on your next game! 

Make up tips | Assignment Desk

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