NFL Combine Draft | NFL Network

NFL Combine Draft | NFL Network

Each year hundreds of football players prepare for the NFL Draft. Have you ever wondered what it takes to prepare for the annual NFL draft?

Assignment Desk had the opportunity to work with NFL Network for the annual NFL Combine. This event takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana. The NFL Combine allows college football players to show off their strongest talents in front of coaches and scouts. The experience was nothing short of exciting!

Samantha Verissimo helped capture footage and graphics of the top draft prospects. The day consisted of the players rotating through promotional shoots, and interviews. Assignment Desk crews even got to see the Indianapolis Colts walk onto the field!

“I was able to talk to some of the top draft prospects for the 2019 draft including the top pick, Dwayne Haskins!” -Samantha Verissimo

Assignment Desk is grateful for the opportunity to capture these rising stars. We are looking forward to experiencing more action with NFL Network in the future!

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