New York Crew Collaborates with Capitol Music Group

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“Lately, {we’ve} been thinking, {we} want you to be happier, {we} want you to be happier”…and so does music sensation, Marshmello, who had a 30 x 20 foot mural created by Gemma Gene on 323 Broome Street in New York City. Have you seen it? If so, grab a selfie with it and use the hashtag: #MelloMadeMeHappier and you might get reposted by Marshmello himself!


Go To Team’s New York crew member, Reid Petro, was happy to help out when Capitol Music Group requested to have a timelapse of the project created.

The goal of the timelapse was to see the entire creation of the mural from start to finish in under 60 seconds. This brought a unique set of challenges our team had to overcome. The most important one being how to keep the video short and sweet, but also interesting. Petro wanted to stay away from the generic wide static shot that is often seen in a timelapse, so he spiced it up a bit! Instead of having one static cam, he set up two cameras that were running in time-lapse mode: one getting a wide shot, and the other getting a closer shot of the subject. He also introduced slow motion B-roll to add even more variety and pacing. The video was filmed with a GoPro camera, a Sony A7Sii, and a Canon DSLR.


Our team loved seeing such a talented artist such as Gemma go through her unique process. Want to see the final product? Check it out on Marshmello’s Instagram: Happier Mural


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