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New Year Innovations | Assignment Desk Blog | Technology is rapidly and continuously evolving, and these new innovations in technological world have transformed the film and video production industry. These new software installations are promising innovations for future cameras and transforming cinematography. Here are a few upcoming cameras to look out for in 2020:

The Self-Flying Drone:

These self-flying drones operate on multiple functions which allows the drone to fly by itself without someone manually controlling the device. The most popular feature is the Follow Me function. Although this form of aerial cinematography is in its early stages, there are highly anticipated innovations on the way.

The designers of the drone intend to install built-in knowledge and algorithms, as well as new software-based systems, functioning as a type of self-flying artificial intelligence. This camera can adjust camera angles and shot size, as well as screen position. These features help offer more precise framing concepts. These new installations are a working progress for the developers at MIT, but they are projected to hit the shelves in the near future.  

Smartphone Filmmakers:

Another innovation to look for is the way that smartphones are changing the game in modern videography. For you smartphone users out there, you too can participate in filmmaking. Although some individuals use the popular device to create films and shorts, these new progressions in the smartphone world will propel your video production needs. 

Cameras on smartphones have evolved over the years which has been through new features such as, high resolution and 4k technology. A Sundance feature film Tangerine actually used three iPhone 5s cameras to produce to film. 

Cool Editing Updates:

The newest video editing software focuses on implementing algorithms to make an editors job easier. MIT developers are working toward utilizing facial recognition software in upcoming video editing tools. 

One prominent feature that is up and coming is the idiom panel. This will label, organize, and prioritize each clip. It will also allow the editor to install idioms and film school contexts to collect the information and apply it to the video. This helps dictate the film’s narrative. 

Keep on the look-out for these innovations in the new year!! Be sure to check out Assignment Desk for industry updates!

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