Nashville Crew | KEF Media

Here’s something that won’t put you to sleep! Mattress Firm’s Raleigh location recently appeared on the morning news with KEF Media.

KEF Media partnered with Assignment Desk and Go To Team’s Nashville Crew Peter Leininger, who went in to film live hits with Sleep Doctor and Mattress Firm. The shoot deliverables were to conduct a live interview that would be cut in throughout the morning segment. Peter set up lighting and equipment for the interview in the Mattress Firm store.

Peter used a Sony F5 for the tight shots. He used a Sony F55 as a second cam to capture wide angles. Utilizing two cameras allowed our DP to have more freedom with angles and capturing the light in the room appropriately.

Peter lit the room with a Kino Celeb Litepanel, an 800 watt HMI, and tungsten lights. This three-point lighting setup helps the talent stand out from the background while being aesthetically pleasing for the live-shot.

Assignment Desk is thrilled to have partnered with KEF Media for this shoot, and we hope to work with them in the future!

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