Nashville Crew Heads Out Dyersburg, TN For Tru TV

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Earlier in the year I made the trip out to Dyersburg, TN to shoot the stars of Tru TV’s “Full Throttle Saloon” as they leave for South Dakota.  This time I went out there to shoot some reaction interviews to help tell the story of this year’s season which is set to air at the end of November.  With a trusty HDX 900 by my side I ventured west.

This was one of those shoots where you spent more time on the road than actually shooting.  We arrived at the Full Throttle Shop in Dyersburg and set up.  The set up was fast and simple.  The producer wanted the interviews to look like they were shot at the bar in South Dakota.  With some questions and reaction lines in my hand I fed Angie and Michael their lines.

Before we knew it, we were done.  After the shoot I stopped by the local Fedex and shipped the tapes out.  With the tapes out of my hands all that was left to do was drive back to Nashville.