Nashville Crew & Fox News Cover Edwards Trial

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I made the journey out to Greensboro, NC to work with Fox News on the John Edwards trial.  Anytime you work with Fox, whether its sports or news, you know you’re going to have a good time.  For two days I shot live shots across from the courthouse in Greensboro.

Checking out the shot on the monitor.

I had the pleasure to work with Jonathan Serrie again.  We haven’t worked together since those terrible tornados hit the Birmingham area last year.  I was shooting on the HDX 900 (“A.K.A. one of my favorite cameras to work with”).  Whether you’re shooting reality TV, corporate videos, sports, or news the HDX 900 does it all.  With the built in down converter you can send a 16×9 standard definition signal to your sat truck.  However, the Fox News channel doesn’t mess around.  These guys want a HD-SDI signal and of course the HDX 900 delivers!

In between shooting live shots I’d also get the “players” walking in and out of the courthouse.  Before I knew it two days had passed by and it was time to head back to Nashville.  I may sound like a broken record but I can’t wait to work with Fox News again.



Home sweet home.
Jonathan Serrie reporting on the John Edwards trial.