Miami Camera Crew Hits the Gym with A-Rod for E!

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E! News A-Rod at the gym

Our Miami Camera Crew and E! News pair up to see what A-Rod has to say about his girlfriend JLO and their workout routines.

Miami Camera Crew Hangs Out with Baseball Legend A-Rod in the Gym

What does A-Rod think of JLO’s workouts? “She’s a much better athlete than me. I don’t try to keep up.”

Juan Lopez, our Miami camera crew, hit the gym with Alex Rodriguez for a fun shoot. Step one: Unload all the gear and set up punching bags. Step two: Shoot B-roll while waiting for A-Rod to arrive. Step three: Shoot interview of A-Rod for E! News. Step four: Shoot B-roll of A-Rod walking around the gym talking to others. Step five: Wrap and send footage to E! News HQ.

E! News A-Rod BTS

It was cool to see such an athlete, even a retired one, in the gym. And it was great to hear all the nice things he had to say about his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. Thanks for having us E! News and for giving us awesome swag bags.

Check out a clip below.