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Makeup Palettes For Shoots in 2020 | New makeup palette, who this? Internet sensations Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star palette project was just released, as well as several other feature palettes. If you’re ready to hear about all the ones that will be all the rage for your shoots in 2020, keep reading!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson

The Conspiracy palette features iconic metallic, foil, and matte shades. This drew inspiration from the minds of Star and Dawson. The colors range from mixed fluorescent yellows, metallic olives and grays. It is also accompanied by soft blues and pinks. This eclectic palette offers a variety of color for you to liven up your upcoming shoots.

This palette can be used on sets for creative shots or shoots with unique background designs. Also, there are some matte shades to tone down the subject as well as bold colors for a more spirited, “out-there” vibe. 

Alyssa Edwards

Vivacious and ostentatious. These are the two words to describe Edwards’ makeup line. Known for his eccentric and fearless eye makeup, Alyssa Edwards teamed up with Anastasia to release this eye-popping makeup kit. Bright pinks, yellow, metallic purples, soft orange, and black make for a daring combination. 

This eye palette can be used for interview or shoots with reality show stars. Known for their strong personalities, this palette captures the essence of the reality show aura. One that accentuates the personalities of the guest stars featured on shows. 

KKW Beauty 

In order to opt for a more natural look, KKW Beauty promises a sleek chic look with their newly released The Artist & Muse eyeshadow palette. Although there is a more metallic vibrance than their classic nude shades, the combination of these instrumental colors are designed to pop on the town while maintaining a sophisticated, subdued appearance. 

This makeup palette is perfect for more serious shoots like interviews or broadcasting. The eyes will definitely be the most noticeable feature of the talent, but it will not be an overwhelming amount of color.    

Stay on the lookout for these new makeup palettes in 2020 for shoots!

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