Makeup Artists | Behind The Scenes

Working on an indoor shoot with an overcast outside can make lighting tricky to work with. Fortunately, that’s where makeup artists come in, and we find the best there is!

This means the natural light coming in the windows is sparse and needs support through practical lights. Along with lighting,  the right makeup touches are needed to get the subject to look perfect on camera.

Makeup Artists | Behind The Scenes

Makeup artist Jaycie Ganek showcased her talent on the interviewees, despite the tricky lighting of downtown Chicago. When light is less than cooperative with your subject, makeup can be the ace up your sleeve to compensate for it.

In this situation, Jaycie only needed to apply basic makeup, just to correct for the lighting issues resulting from the cloud cover. Utilizing cleansing wipes to clear up the skin should be the first step in this process. They help prime the subject to have foundation applied. Foundation is great for hiding small imperfections or the natural oils in our skin that can cause the light to distort the subject’s face on camera. It helps with evening out skin tones and dissipating any shine that might come from the lights on the set. The next step, especially for TV, is setting powder which helps even tones and hides any sign of perspiration.

Some lights, especially fluorescents, produce a high amount of green light in comparison to a relatively low amount of red. This, combined with the naturally high level of green tones in skin, can be a big issue if cameras are not properly color-balanced.

Makeup artists are the behind-the-scenes heroes who make the talent camera ready! Ready to book an incredible hair and makeup artist like Jaycie on an upcoming shoot? Give our team a call!

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