Makeup Artist - Jaycie Ganek

Makeup Artist – Jaycie Ganek | Friday Feature | Ever think about how much goes into putting on a flawless shoot? It takes a village! And the people responsible for making the subjects on camera look so flawless at all times are our incredibly talented makeup artists at Assignment Desk! We spoke with Chicago makeup artist, Jaycie Ganek, about some of her favorite experiences as a makeup artist and she even gave us a few tips about what makes a makeup artist stand out amongst others. 

What are the most fun shoots?

Makeup Artist – Jaycie Ganek talked about how she loves all types of shoots because there is something to be taken away from each one. She is always learning something new and growing as a makeup artist with each new shoot she gets to be apart of. Some of her favorite though is the live sports broadcasting jobs with networks such as ESPN or FOX Sports. Who wouldn’t love this? Jaycie said, “Not only am I a big sports fan, but I love the fast pace work environments and large crews. There is always great energy and I love seeing everything come together.”

Tell us about some recent projects!

A recent shoot Jaycie really enjoyed being apart of was “The Groomsmen Suit”, which is a company that makes formal wear suits for men and women.

“I really love what the company stands for. This specific shoot was also so colorful and full of great energy!” – Jaycie Ganek

When everyone on the set of a shoot is radiating that positive energy, it definitely shows in the final product. Another special shoot Jaycie was in awe of was for Walgreens. The shoot was about beauty products that are best for women going through Chemo treatments. The goal of the project is to get the women to feel more like themselves again. It is so inspiring to see how makeup can boost the moods and confidence of so many people!

Any tips?

Being a great makeup artist is much more than just beauty products. Jaycie told us that the best thing you can do for yourself as a makeup artist is showing up to shoots on time and being present throughout the shoot. The best makeup artists know that it is not always about the amount of makeup you are applying. If you are detail-oriented and a pleasure to work with, clients will continue to ask you back for future projects.

Thank you Jaycie for giving us an inside look on the life of a makeup artist! Book Makeup Artist – Jaycie Ganek for all of your makeup needs on your upcoming shoots!

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