When disasters happen, you need to be prepared! 

After the earthquake in Haiti, design students developed a solar-powered light, called LuminAID, that can be used after catastrophic events strike.

These products have helped thousands of people that have been affected by natural disasters. The company offers Solar inflatable lanterns at an affordable price, and are donated to those affected by natural disasters.

LuminAID markets lanterns to those in need, but also to adventure enthusiasts. People who travel in National Parks, forests, mountains or even rivers and lakes use their inflatable lanterns, which are easy to carry and easy to use instead of an alternative which would be a more expensive lighting source.

Assignment Desk worked with Innovation Nation and Go To Team’s Chicago crew to cover LuminAID’s latest conference. At the conference, LuminAID product updates were discussed.

Their vision is to provide an affordable product that is portable and barely weighs anything. LuminAID’s inflatable rechargeable lanterns are remarkable. The value of these particular lanterns is that everyone feels comforted. When a natural disaster strikes you are anything but calm. These lights, whether they are used in the middle of an electrical blackout or in the mountains at night, allows people to rest with a little peace of mind.

The founders at LuminAID have struggles with circumstances around themselves. This has given them the goal of giving others what they needed most during these difficult times: Hope. They want to provide that hope by providing light, which is affordable, fun, and special to their daily lives to use.

You can find the 2-in-1 Phone Charger and Lantern, as well as other LuminAID products, here!

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