Lowe’s “Background” Improvement, Director of Photography, Skip Clark, gets Creative with Interview Lighting

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So Fox Sports is coming to town and they need a creative background for some interviews. Not just a drop.  And not just black.  And it has to be different. Oh, and it can’t be expensive. What do you do?  Skip Clark, one of Go To Team’s Charlotte based crews, goes to Lowe’s and wanders the aisles.  For Fox’s interviews with Carolina Panthers Quarterback Jake Delhomme, Coach Fox, and other Panthers players, Skip picked up all kinds of stuff from the store to make a creative backdrop.  Skip and the rest of the crew, cameraman Rene Cusson and Go To Team’s David Baker, started with a blue drop in the background then added small 5X7″ roof flashing hung from fishing line.  Between the flashing and the talent they hung translucent visqueen (the real thin plastic you use to protect the floor while painting) to soften everything.  After lighting the blue background and the flashing, Skip added one last touch: oscillating fans.  As the fans moved back and forth, slowly as they were on dimmers, the flashing bounced light back and forth across the back of the plastic, creating beams of light that would criss-cross randomly behind the talent.  The light was diffused and moved slowly, just enough to break up what would be a flat drop.  “You can find all kinds of cool stuff at Lowe’s!  I think the employees there think I’m crazy when I’m looking at stuff against the light and buying odd quantities (we used over 300 pieces of flashing!), but it’s always better than a canned drop from photo studio!”