Location Scouting Checklist

Location Scouting Checklist | Assignment Desk Blog | Location is everything. It is crucial to location scout for every project (unless you are told where to go) because it can make or break the final product. So, what should you be thinking about when scouting locations? There are so many factors to be considered that often go forgotten. Have no fear! Assignment Desk has all of the tips to help you find your perfect shoot location. 

Do your research.

Before making any rash decisions, research! If you fall in love with a location, make sure you get all the facts about the spot before making any final decisions. Some information you want to find out are the weather forecasts in that area, the permit requirements, or if there are any other facilities. If the location has an official website, it most likely will provide all of this information plus more! 

Timing is also everything!

Not only is location everything, but so is timing. Locations change depending upon the time of day, so make sure to check it out at different times and figure out what time you want to shoot. You can’t scout the location in the morning, then shoot in the evening because the position of the sun, the lighting, and colors will all be different. It is necessary that you shoot at the same exact time that you scouted it.

Can you hear that?

Depending on the location you are choosing, sound can be tricky. Test out how the audio records in the area before the day of the shoot! For example, there can be traffic noise, echoes, wind, or other movement that can mess up the high-quality sound in the video. If you take sample audios beforehand with mics, you will know what equipment to bring the day of.

Remember the essentials… 

Another factor that often goes forgotten is the importance of facilities near your desired shoot location. What is nearby? You can’t let the basic stuff slip your mind. To name a few of the essentials, you are going to need to check for a phone signal, roads, ATMs, medical facilities, food, and bathrooms. 

Rain or shine?

Camera equipment can be sensitive to the unexpected elements of the world. Rain, wind, heat, snow, etc. All of these elements can wreck the video and sound! When a spot is extra bright or hot, it causes the camera to overheat. If changing your location due to these elements isn’t an option, make sure to bring umbrellas, the proper clothing, and any other necessities to protect your equipment and your crew. 

We hope you utilize these location scouting checklist tips on your next project! Now you’re ready to scout the perfect location for your next shoot! Are you ready to book an Assignment Desk video camera crew for a shoot? Contact our team today!



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