Do You Think Your Dog is the Best Dog?

Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and nobody’s wrong. “Lucky Dog” on CBS Dream Team, ‘It’s Epic’  is all about shelter dogs finding a happy home with the help of a special dog trainer, Brandon McMillan. McMillan is on a mission to take untrained shelter dogs, train them at his Lucky Dog Ranch, and get them adopted by happy families. In this heartwarming episode, McMillan paired up a sweet young pup named Bobo with a special needs family. Litton Entertainment called us to crew an audio operator, assistant camera operator, and production assistant to help tell the story.

A Few Tricks Up His Collar

Bobo was found as a stray, but his positive attitude and the entertainment level he provided led McMillan to believe he would be a great addition to a special needs family. But before his new family could begin, Bobo had a few obstacles to overcome. McMillan brought him to the vet due to a cataract in his right eye. He had to undergo surgery which halted his training for three weeks. But once he fully recovered, he made up for lost time by flying through the seven main commands – sit, stay, down, come, off, heel, and no. Once his training was complete, he was ready to meet his new family.

Man’s Best Friend

Vivian Armstrong is a single mother raising her developmentally delayed son, Frankie. Doctors have never been able to fully diagnosis him, but she has to take care of him full-time. She wanted him to have a furry companion so she reached out to McMillan. They traveled from Seattle to Los Angeles to meet Bobo. The minute Frankie laid eyes on him, his eyes lit up and a smile took over his face. They were an instant match. Then it was time to train Frankie how best to interact with Bobo. McMillan taught him how to walk and pick up Bobo. Something he didn’t need to teach him – puppy kisses and belly rubs. When it was time from Frankie to take Bobo home, he gave McMillan the biggest hug.

McMillan has worked with a lot of dogs and a lot of families, but this story holds a special place in his heart. To give a very special dog to a very special family means the world to him. His main mission is to enable dogs to go from hopeless to a home. Bobo went from a hopeless shelter to a happy Armstrong home. Mission accomplished in the episode. Thanks Litton Entertainment for crewing us to help tell this story.

Watch the full episode HERE!

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