Assignment Desk and Go To Team team up to cover “Little Things”

“Life’s about the little things.” Little Things is a creator of engaging and meaningful content. What uplifting story did they call us to help capture? A love story between a boy and a girl and a whole lot of donuts. Assignment Desk and Go To Team were able to team up for this one in Dallas, Texas!

I Donut Know What I Would Do Without You

You could say Cassie Jo has two loves – donuts and her husband Chadd. So with the help of Little Things and Dunkin Donuts, Cassie Jo was able to combine those loves into a great Valentines Day surprise. Assignment Desk and Go To Team’s day started with an interview with Cassie Jo inside her apartment as she set the scene of their relationship. Their love story involves donuts every step of the way. When he asked her go to be his girlfriend he did so with a donut reading “Be Mine?” in chocolate icing. And when he proposed he brought half a dozen donuts. So this time Cassie Jo is returning the favor with a wall of donuts with love notes written on them at their favorite Dunkin Donuts. Dozens of donuts, dozens of their friends and family there to witness, Chadd was in for big surprise.

Donut Worry, Be Happy

Chadd was definitely surprised. And Little Things and Dunkin Donuts also had another surprise for the two of them. They started the first year of marriage bucket list when they got married. There are only two things left to cross off – skydiving and touring Dunkin Donuts headquarters in Boston. What was their big surprise from the two companies? Tickets to Boston, donut day passes at Dunkin Donuts headquarters and a skydiving adventure for two. Their friends and family were thrilled for them, shared the donuts, and cheered them on for a kiss. Cassie Jo said her and Chadd’s love story is “truly coming full circle. Pun intended.”

Did you know that watching just three minutes of negative news makes you more likely to have a bad day? Thank you Little Things for making it your mission to share more positive news. From parenting to pets to food (including donuts), we were happy to help capture this “sweet” story for Valentine’s Day.

Watch the full piece HERE. And also check out Assignment Desk’s other shoots with Little Things.

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