Life Cereal Auditions | PepsiCo

When you were younger did you ever want to be best friends with LIFE cereal’s star, Mikey? We definitely did! But past that, can you imagine yourself or your child being the next “Mikey”?

It could happen! PepsiCo, who owns LIFE cereal, is currently holding auditions nationwide to find the brand’s next star.

Life Cereal Auditions | PepsiCo

Last Saturday, TPN and PepsiCo partnered with Assignment Desk to help film the child auditions at a Walmart in Kissimmee, Florida.

During the auditions, the kids read a script while being directed by their parents on their lines. Once the audition is completed, the footage is sent off to judges who are deciding exactly who the next Mikey for LIFE Cereal will be.

The auditions were captured by Go To Team’s Miami cameraman, Ryan Brower. Ryan captured all footage on a Sony F5 to ensure the highest quality.

Life Cereal Auditions | PepsiCo

Auditions have previously been filmed with Assignment Desk crews in Chicago IL, Downey CA, and Concord NC. We want to say a special thank you to our vendor Nick Marinolich for capturing these stills of the auditions in Florida!

Parents: does your child want to audition for the role? Get more information on the open casting call here!

Life Cereal Auditions | PepsiCo

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