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Last Minute Fall Shoot | Assignment Desk Blog | Autumn is close to an end which means it is time to book your last minute Fall shoots! That said, it isn’t always easy to captivate the essence of Fall this close to winter. Here are a few location ideas to capture the Fall feel before the weather gets too cold!

Pumpkin Patch

Last Minute Fall Shoot | Assignment Desk Blog

The ultimate fall location is a pumpkin patch, but by the time November comes around, the pumpkin patches are typically closed. So how can you re-create the Fall feel without the actual pumpkin patch? 

For starters, you can go to the store and purchase your own pumpkins and take them with you on the shoot. Or, maybe you have a neighbor or family member with leftover pumpkins from Halloween that you could borrow. 

After you get your pumpkins, scout a location. Typically, pumpkin patches are in open fields. Drive around town and find an open field or maybe a farm-like open space. To add an extra touch to your photoshoot, bring a red wagon or other fall props.  


Parks are also a great location to film a fall themed shoot. Not only are most parks free, but they have lots of the scenery set up for you. 

Some parks have walking trails, and some even have lakes! If there is a nearby body of water, trees will typically border them. This means the area will more than likely have colorful foliage or even fallen leaves that you can utilize to your advantage. 

Winding Road 

Last Minute Fall Shoot | Assignment Desk Blog

This one might be a bit more difficult to find depending on where your shoot is happening. But a winding road is also a typical “fall-look”. If you are in the mountains, you will be lucky enough to have trees lining the sides of the road with pops of color this time of year. You should be able to set up your shot on the side of the road for the perfect fall shot if there aren’t too many cars whizzing by. (If you try this as your option, we encourage you to please be careful of cars — we do not encourage anyone to get hurt just to capture the shot). 

We hope these tips on where to hold your last minute fall shoot helped! Ready to book a camera operator for an upcoming shoot? Give our team a call – We are happy to help!     

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