LA Crew Captures Interview for First Episode of “UNINTERRUPTED: The Real Stories of Basketball”

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Our LA DP, Zach Reed, and his apprentice, Karl Egbe, flew to Seattle last November to shoot three interviews as part of the new basketball docuseries, “Uninterrupted: The Real Stories of Basketball”. The eight-episode series takes you on a journey exploring iconic moments, legendary players, and captivating stories from within the world of basketball. Our crew had the opportunity to interview Seattle Supersonics icons Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf, as well as Seattle native and multiple All-Star, Isaiah Thomas. Meeting such legends of the game and learning about the history behind an iconic franchise like the Seattle SuperSonics was an amazing experience.


For our lighting setup, we chose a Hudson Spider as our key light, which we coupled with an umbrella to diffuse the light and create a softer effect. To create depth and contrast, we utilized a 4×4 floppy for negative fill, reducing unwanted light spill and controlling the shadows in our scene. To illuminate the court and background and create a sense of ambiance, we used an Aputure 1200D to bounce light across the space.
This configuration was employed for the majority of our interviews, proving to be an effective and versatile setup. Aesthetically, we chose a slightly warm shooting style and used rehoused 50mm and 85mm PL Canon FD prime lenses. These combined choices helped us create the desired dramatic effect for the interviews.