LA and Chicago hit the slopes in Aspen for X Games – and they were stoked.

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Gear, check.  Thermal underwear, check.  Beard for warmth, check.  Off to Aspen we go!  Veteran X Gamer, Mr. Dan Lowrey and I hit the slopes our first day there to check out the landscape at Buttermilk Mtn, host of this years Winter X Games.  Armed with GTT’s best gear and warmest boots, we shot ENG for this years events.  Capturing everything from athlete arrivals, big air/halfpipe/slopestyle finals, gold medal ceremonies, X FEST, X concerts, gold medal interviews…literally everything the X Games had to offer was at the end of our lens.  I consider this shoot a “bucket list” shoot.  If I could tell the 15 year old me that I shot X Games in Aspen, well he would think I’m pretty radical (common 90’s lingo).   Highlights were as follows:  Figuring how to get a backpack, a 30 lb camera and full size tripod to fit on the back seat of a snowmobile for rides up and down the mountain was tedious.  However, by day 5, I was a pro.  Also, seeing these athletes pull off tricks in person I could only attempt in my dreams was absolutely amazing.   We had the best seats in the house for one of winter’s greatest events.   Stoked!664288_10201453250880002_592005501_o 1743649_10105889518374854_219949218_n 69068_10105884906527034_1466063884_n