About Kelli Ewen’s Husband: Todd Ewen

Todd Ewen, “The Animal”, spent 11 seasons in the NHL fighting people as an enforcer. In 2015, Ewen died. TSN sat down with his widow Kelli to talk about Todd, CTE, his life and legacy. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative brain disease that is often found in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma. Kelli Ewen is working hard to spread awareness of CTE and find a way to fight back.


Lighting Setup:

For this three camera interview between The Sport Network’s Rick Westhead and Kelli Ewen Assignment Desk worked with Go To Team’s St. Louis Cameraman, Kyle Kaiser. TSN wanted to achieve a serious, dramatic look, as the subject matter was of a gravely serious nature. To create the dramatic mood we wanted, we used two aperture 120Ds to key our subjects. We used one of the 120D cameras with the Light Dome mini to key Rick. This created a soft key with no fill or back light giving him some nice shadow. The lighting set up modeled his face and conveyed the somber tone of the interview.

We used the other 120D for Kelli Ewen. This light was also equipped with the large Light Dome to give  her a hair light, but no fill. This was to give her slightly a more traditional look and glow; however, we were still creating some shadow to stick with the mood of the interview.

What Inspired Kyle During This Shoot?

“Listening to Kelli speak about her husband Todd and about the kind-hearted, creative man he was made me really appreciate the way one person can create a lot of good in the lives of those around them. It was also hard to listen to Todd’s story, and his struggle with CTE. The way the disease brought his life to an abrupt end. I am honored to help TSN tell Todd’s story and hopefully in some small way help fight back against CTE.” – Kyle Kaiser.

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