Atlanta Director of Photography Apprenticeship

Director of Photography Apprenticeship: Atlanta, GA

Are you a passionate storyteller who’s ready to take your shooting to the next level? Go To Team is offering a unique pathway and opportunity for individuals who love to shoot and have a great eye. This position is designed for video/digital format shooters (not still photographers… no offense) that want to gain the experience needed to shoot, run audio, and light at the highest level. We have successfully run this apprenticeship for 20+ years. This is not just a job, this is a career path and opportunity for individuals who want to grow into a director of photography. If you don’t love to shoot, this job is not for you.

Think of the first year as your boot camp. The first year will initially be based in Atlanta, GA and you will work regularly with our ATL DP, Nate Silverman for clients like: The Weather Channel, Discovery, ESPN, NFL Network, The Golf Channel, ABC, NBC and E!. We will provide you training both on and off the field. You will be working as a camera assist, running audio, and lighting, ect. Anything and everything to teach you all aspects of high-end video production.  At the end of the Apprenticeship phase (8-12 months), you’ll be considered for a multi-year contract position where we’ll continue to train you and develop you into a Director of Photography. If chosen to advance, you’ll be placed in your own market/city with a full gear package and truck outside of Atlanta where you’ll continue your journey with Go To Team. If you want to live full-time in Atlanta, GA, then this position is not for you.

This position is designed for talented storytellers who are looking to grow into a DP at the highest level. We often work odd hours on short notice where some weeks are busier than others. Lots of driving and heavy travel are guaranteed. Our crews drive hundreds of miles before and after shooting on a regular basis. If you do not like to drive, this position isn’t for you. Experience in PA, Audio and Grip work are a plus. However, a solid reel and hard working attitude are key.

Requirements: Valid Driver’s License, Passport & Dependable Vehicle.

Yearly Salary: $32,500 + Commission

Term: Multi year contract. The apprenticeship is a 12 month paid apprenticeship with review and first right of hire for remainder of the contract at 9 months. 

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Federal Apprenticeship guidelines require at least a college degree or two years of work related experience.

There is only one way to apply. Tell us a story with material that you’ve shot. While student films are interesting they’re not what we do. 98% of what we shoot is “make you care” pieces for major sports, news and entertainment companies. Make your reel three minutes max. We need to see interviews and B-Roll. Color and time lapses are a plus, but put together one cohesive demo reel that tells us about you (stylistically) from behind the lens. Do not send us multiple links to your work. This needs to be a unique reel to Go To Team meeting the requirements above. One hint…watch the reels on our website.

All Applicants must have a reel. No exceptions. Applicants without reel will not be accepted. Please include an email address. Reels and Resumes will be accepted on or before Jan 1st. Reels received after the Jan 1st deadline will not be accepted or reviewed. Reels will be accepted one way only.

Email a downloadable link to your reel via vimeo or dropbox to

Make sure to attach your cover letter and resume in the email.

For updates on the hiring process, please follow our facebook page.