Improv Class… The Joy of International Travel

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Okay, so what do you do if you are in a foreign country and the airline lost more than half of your luggage? You improvise. Go To Team Director of Photography Skip Clark and audio operator John South arrived in Denmark Friday morning with just their coats, a monitor case, an audio kit, the “run bag,” and a camera (and that was carry-on!). No batteries, no lights, no tripod, not even their clothes made it! But with the one battery that was on the camera when they flew from the states and a boom mic plugged straight into the camera, they made it work. They even managed to find some lights, “We were doing an interview at the Energy Academy in Ballan on the island of Samso. They had a board with several lamps attached that’s used to demonstrate energy efficient lighting. With plenty of natural light coming from the other side, we just moved the board to our interview location and it added just a little warmth and worked great as a fill!” The Clark crew is in Denmark working on a feature for HDNet about alternative energy and the wind turbines that are found all over Denmark.