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How To Shoot Video With Post Production In Mind | What you can’t manipulate on location during a shoot is a job for post-production. The post-production crew is an integral part of the entire production process. They manipulate video and images through editing software to make a polished final product. But as the camera operator, how can you help out the editor in post production? Here are a few tips and tricks to strategizing your shots:


Content is everything, which means audio clips are a critical aspect of conveying the content. To be to the point – audio must be clear and crisp. If the audio is scratchy or the subject sounds far away, the audio is unusable. This means you will have a very upset client, and possibly have to re-do the shoot. 

To avoid any critical audio mishaps, ,make sure your microphones are on. Conduct sound checks for each set. Adjust the production equipment accordingly. If the subject is speaking but no sound is coming through, check the microphones. Check the audio equipment. Make sure everything is right before recording the shot.   

White Balance

You want to make the editor’s job easier, not harder. Making sure you white balance your camera is one trick to helping out the editor in a big way. You also want to stay away from changes of light or mixed lighting. Stay away from mixing artificial and natural light sources. Although this is a basic tactic, even some of the most advanced camera operators grapple with achieving the perfect white balance. Especially when working with varied shots and locations for one shoot.

For starters, you want to make sure you’re on the correct filters for the lighting conditions. Essentially, what you’re doing is balancing the color. Using a white background or card as an object to match the color of the camera. Next, you want to set your exposure and focus. Finally, you want to activate the white balance by pressing the button which may take the operation a few minutes to finish. The viewfinder setting should notify you if the white balance failed as well as locate the source of the problem (temperatures are too high, etc.). 

Capturing a few shots of the scene gives variety for the editor, but you can easily overdo it if you’re careful. The editor does not need 10 establishing shots. Not only does that add extra work for the editor, but storage and backup costs will rack up. Frugality is key. 

Put yourself in the editor’s shoes. If you are tempted to get the perfect shot, be wary of how this might affect the post-production crew. They’re skilled editors equipped to manipulate image and sound with elite editing software. Trust them! You do not need to overshoot scenes to make sure the lighting is perfect because you have an editing team that will make the lighting on point for you.  We hope these tips on how to shoot video with post production in mind were helpful!

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