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How to Shoot Steady Video without a Tripod | Assignment Desk – Blog | Whether it’s capturing a live-hit breaking news story, filming a segment for a TV show, or following the action during a live sports game, you won’t be able to always have your tripod on you to capture a shot. However, that doesn’t mean your shoots need to turn out shaky or hard to watch. We know how tricky this can be, so we’ve put together a few tips. Check out some ways to capture steady video without your tripod!

Get Closer to the Subject

The very first thing you should do is get as close to the subjects as possible without ruining the shot. If you’re standing far away and zooming in on the image, every movement of your body will be greatly exaggerated in the shot. This will leave the viewers seeing a shaky image and leave them feeling uneasy from all the unsteady work. It may not always be possible to get up in the action, so keep reading for other tips when it’s not.

Take Advantage of What’s Around You to Steady the Camera

Even someone with years of experience isn’t able to make a shot completely still. In cases like this, take notice of what your surroundings are to help you out. Resting the camera against a wall or on the ground can really steady the shot out. It can also be a great way to capture another angle of an already interesting shot. Shooting from the ground up will give the viewers a new perspective. 

Use Your Eyepiece

When it comes down to looking at your screen as opposed to your eyepiece, in this situation, the eyepiece is the way to go. When you look through the eyepiece to capture a shot, your head becomes another object that can hold the camera still. It can also help you concentrate on how good of a shot you’re getting. It’s easy to miss the action when you’re holding the camera up to your body as opposed to up to your eye.

Position Your Body Correctly 

Making your body as still as possible is easier said than done, however it starts with your legs. Your feet should be positioned directly under your shoulders to start. If you have space and can get a much wider stance, then widen your legs. You should also keep your elbows as close to your body as possible. This will help no matter where your camera is positioned on your body. This position gives you stability without anchoring you to the ground. 

Shooting steady video without a tripod isn’t always easy. However, with the correct body positioning and a few extra tips, you’ll feel like it’s a breeze! Don’t forget to look at these tips next time you can’t have your tripod on a shoot!

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