How Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry

How Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry | Assignment Desk | Blog – Assignment Desk was just thinking about how technology is changing the beauty industry so much! Not just little adjustments, but huge changes! Have you ever heard of 3D printing, subscription boxes or smart products? Some of us knew them, but others had no idea what we were talking about. We are here to educate you on how technology is changing the beauty industry! 

3D Printing Makeup? Excuse me, what?

Do not feel discouraged if you have no idea what this is because you are about to be very educated on it! The company, Mink, created a printer that can print your makeup instantly. Picture this, you are in your bed watching a Beauty Vlogger and want their eyeshadow, well just print it out! Yes, it really is that simple. 3D Printing is an example of how technology is really changing the beauty industry. 

How Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry

Subscription Boxes? Sign us up!

Here at Assignment Desk, we love ourselves a monthly subscription box, but especially one from the beauty industry. Birchbox is a very well-known beauty subscription that people love! They send you a box once a month that includes makeup, skin and hair products. Also, the products are of very high quality. Fortunately, they are not sending you products that will ruin your hair and skin! They have YSL Beauty, Bobbi Brown and Kiehl’s. Are you ready to sign up yet? We are! 

How Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry

Smart Makeup Products…

Makeup can not be smart. False! Smart makeup products are a real thing now in the beauty industry! Dior has a lipstick called, Lip Glow, which enhances your natural lip color. Yes, it is like applying a lipstick that matches exactly your lip color and nobody else. Pretty cool, right? Smashbox also created a color-adjusting blush known as, O-Glow. The blush will go on your face clear, then turn into the perfect pink shade for your face. 

How Technology is Changing the Beauty Industry

Technology is totally changing the beauty industry, but in amazing ways! Assignment Desk now wants a 3D printer, Birchbox subscription, and Dior Lip Glow. Feel free to send them our way! Actually though, if you ever need a makeup artist, give us a call!

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