Director of Photography | What to Look for When Hiring

Hiring A Director of Photography | Top Qualities To Look For

What are the top qualities that are looked for when hiring a cameraman or Director of Photography? We know it can be tough sometimes to find one that you can trust to capture your project and do the best possible job. Luckily, our preferred cameramen at Assignment Desk are top of the line and we guarantee they have all of the finest qualities that you are looking for. 

We asked preferred Houston, TX cameraman, Kirby Clarke, what traits he thinks are the most essential in being a great cameraman and leaving clients with a great first impression. Kirby uses these tips on his own shoots, and it has led him to work with some of the biggest named clients in the business. Not only has he worked with clients like FOX News, The Weather Channel, and the NFL, but they ask him to come back for more! 

Okay, okay, I’m listening…

  • A cameraman should never tell a client “no”. Rather, you should help guide them in a direction that’s more practical and can get the job done. 

“It is important to keep the vision of your client in mind when preparing for a shoot, but also make sure it is done in the most practical way so the project turns out how they had hoped.” – Kirby Clarke

  • When shooting B-roll, you should think from an editor’s perspective. Give them plenty of options for post-production. Emphasis on options! It is a good idea to capture as much B-roll footage as you can get so the client can choose what footage they want to include in order to fulfill their vision.

This next quality is a crucial one… 

  • Always have a smile on your face! Never let a client see you flustered, even if there is a problem or you aren’t having a good time. Smiling shows professionalism and that you can stay calm, cool, and collected even in the most stressful of situations. 
  • Prep for anything! When packing for a new shoot you should always be thinking of any scenarios that could go wrong. That way, you are prepared for anything that can be thrown your way, showing the client that you can handle anything. 

Handling unique situations:

Unfortunately, when you have so many different types of equipment you do run into some scenarios at times… but this is when you problem solve! Google is your best friend. Most likely someone else has run into the same technical problem you have and can give you some helpful tips to keep the show on the road. 

  • If you’re not early, you’re late! Always make the call time! Schedules for shoots are always so unpredictable. They can either be running super late or can be on a very strict time limit. To avoid any sticky situations, just make sure to always be early and this also can give you extra time to set up or even scope out the scene for where you are shooting. 

Are you ready to rock your next shoot? We hope this advice helps you crush your upcoming projects and dazzle clients!

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