GTT Video Crews Tell “War Stories” from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

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February 12, 2009

0800 hours

Camp Lejeune, NC

Go To Team’s “Elite” Baker (Charlotte) and Hall (Raleigh) ENG crews met up with Fox News:War Stories Host, Col. Oliver North as he talked to the USMC SOC (Special Operations Command) about their role in the ever evolving War on Terror.

Col. North took time to sit down for lunch with Marines out on Base exercises before he and the Baker and Hall Crews were escorted deep into the belly of Camp Lejeune to witness a fraction of SOC’s rigorous and specialized training program, including live fire and room clearing practice.

It was truly awe inspiring to see the level at which these warriors operated, and humbling to have had the chance to show the world just a fraction of what these heroes put on the line in the name of protecting the rest of us.

Soundman, Ian McCullen doubled as a photographer and snapped some really pics from the shoot.