GTT New York Covers DC Driver

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When you work in this business and you hear about breaking news your reaction tends to be “hmm, I wonder if I’ll get any work out of this” instead of “oh wow thats crazy” like a normal person would say.  So when my phone rang and NBC was on the other line saying they needed help with their DC Driver coverage I wasn’t surprised.  I was surprised however when they were sent me up to Stamford, CT and not DC for that coverage.  Turns out the driver had an apartment in Stamford and we were off to stake it out for the night.  After that we returned the next morning for live shots.  I feel like I completed the triple crown of network news after doing early morning Today Show, afternoon MSNBC, and NBC Nightly News live shots all with NBC talent Katy Tur.  All in a good days work, can’t wait to do it again.