GTT Atlanta Crew shoots early morning Golf

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This week I have been covering the Tour Championship in Atlanta at the East Lake golf club.  They entrusted me with capturing live shot for their show “Morning Drive”.  This meant a week of early mornings for me as I headed to the driving range to set up (On a side note, my producer had the same last name as me! No relation).  As tired as I was in the morning, nothing is better than driving through Atlanta and not having to slam on my brakes on the interstate for no apparent reason.  Every morning I set up a live shot using HMI’s and awaited my subjects to come give their thoughts on the tournament and players.  I decided to change it up on the last day and use my light panels instead.

Ready before the sun.


After I finished up the live shots, I’d get to see Jimmy’s smiling face as he rode into the course what seemed like an eternity after I had first showed up. I also got to meet our new apprentice – Jeremy.  They set up for some live press conferences while I grabbed some breakfast and got ready for the next thing.

The star of the show.



Some days I’d be out on the course shooting game play.  I even got hit by a chunk of grass that Tiger Woods chipped up.  Other days, I’d be shooting live from the driving range, putting green, or press conferences.  It’s always cool to hang out on nice golf courses and I hope I get to do it again soon!


-Jeff M

Interview with Jordan Speith.



Live shots from the greens.