Go To Team with the Michael J Fox Foundation

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“My favorite part about these shoots is working with the client. The only obstacles were the physical space in our first interview and the additional light power for the second interview to counteract exposing the window. Nothing we couldn’t handle though,” our Washington DC cameraman, David DiFalco,

The Michael J Fox Foundation has a single goal… to eliminate Parkinson’s disease during our lifetime. So far this nonprofit has funded $800 million in research efforts to find a cure. A huge amount of money!

We teamed up with Ashley Iser Productions to interview several members that contribute to these research efforts.


Both interviews had some challenges as far as lighting due to spacing, but it certainly wasn’t anything our crew couldn’t handle. In the first interview, the office space was tight. It was challenging to fit light panels, so to help give us, we ended up using the daylight from the window behind our subject along with existing overhead lights. This isn’t ideal, but we’ve been trained how to make it work.


For our second interview, we wanted to have the window with the blinds exposed properly which meant extra punch on our subject by going to a 1.8ND. To properly expose our subject we used 2 kino’s as our key with a silver reflector for our fill and a boomed out light panel for a back/hair light. For our background, we used two 650W Arri tungsten lights. For our B-Roll, we used all natural lights to give it as real feel as possible.

Two-Female-Research-Assistants Research Interview

Our first interview was shot in 4k by a single camera so the client would have the ability to punch-in throughout the editing process and use the single camera for two different shots. Our second interview had two cameras that were shot in 4K as well. This interview is being used for a gala so they wanted higher production value with two angles.