Go To Team Waco TX Crew | Marcia Cipriani – Family Dynamics

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Did you know that there are six types of family structures? From the nuclear family to being raised by grandparents, every family has a unique story.

Marcia Ciprano | Roger Woodruff

Go To Team had the opportunity to film for a documentary with Marcia Ciprano this past week covering topics like adoption and the ranges of family structures and dynamics.

Marcia Ciprano chose to work with our Waco DP Roger Woodruff and apprentice Reinaldo Gentile-Rondon for this project. They shot interviews with researchers and data collectors on the subject from the University of Texas who have spent the past few years studying the trends of these topics.

Marcia Ciprano | Roger Woodruff

The team utilized two cameras for this shoot, a C300 MkII for the wider shots, and a 5D MkIV for some of the closer, more detailed shots. Lighting was established using a set of Astra litepanels and Arri lights, to completely light up the subjects for the interview.

Marcia Ciprano | Roger Woodruff

Go To Team enjoyed working with Marcia Ciprano once again and we can’t wait to see the finished documentary when it is completed. We look forward to working together again in the future!