Go To Team | The Weather Channel – Spring Flood Prediction

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Did you know that since the fall of 2018, the United States has experienced a 200 percent increase in precipitation? Several states have experienced drastic flooding, especially in the midwest.  

The Weather Channel worked with Go To Team’s Nashville cameraman, Peter Leininger, to see if we can continue to expect this flooding from predictions made by The National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

National Water Center | Nashville Crew

To capture the live shots at the press conference, interviews of employees and B-roll of key members at the National Water Center, Go To Team crews used a Sony F5 along with a Fuji Wide lens. All footage was captured at 1080 60i rate for the best broadcast quality.

The results of the prediction? You better keep your raincoat, umbrella, and boots nearby, as it seems like doom and gloom will continue for spring.

National Water Center | Nashville Crew

According to the reports, nearly two-thirds of the Lower 48 states face the risk of flooding throughout May, with the potential for major or moderate flooding in 25 states. The majority of the country is favored to experience above-average precipitation this spring, increasing the flood risk.

We are grateful to The Weather Channel for working with us on this piece! We look forward to working with them again soon!