Go To Team Texas Crew | CVS and the Drive Cares Program

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It’s important that we all care for one another, and CVS is helping lead the way.

Our Waco DP Roger Woodruff alongside Houston Cameraman Kirby Clarke and apprentice Reinaldo Gentile-Rondon recently had a shoot with CVS for their Drive Cares program.Texas Camera Crew | CVS

Drive Cares provides the elderly, or people otherwise in need of daily assistance, a resource for making sure their lives are the best they can be.

Texas Camera Crew | CVS

The crew shot interviews with doctors and patients about the program and how it has impacted people’s lives for the better. All footage was captured using a pair of Canon C300s and lit using multiple stand lights. This multi light setup is often utilized to combat the shadows from overhead lights that can’t be manipulated in a store environment.Texas Camera Crew | CVS

Our crew had a great time working with CVS to help get the word about about such an important initiative! We hope to work with them again in the future!

Texas Camera Crew | CVS

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