Go To Team New York Crew | PAX East Conference

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At Go To Team, we absolutely love it when one of our staffed DP’s gets to be on a dream shoot! Our New York DP, Reid Petro recently got to live out one of his dreams by working with IGN for the PAX East conference.
Reid Petro | PAX East
PAX East is one of the biggest gaming conferences in the world, located in Boston, Massachusetts! The conference went for three days and it was full of demos, cosplay, board games, and announcements.
“I am honored that I got to be there to help tell the story, and bring all the action to your home.” – Reid Petro
Crews started the conference off by covering the most anticipated games like Rick and Morty VR, Mortal Combat 11 for the switch, and a ton of indie games. For the second and third day, Reid captured the best cosplayers around. Game developers were even hosting fashion contests for the best of the best!
Our crew used the Sony F5 in a slim mode to help them move quickly and squeeze through the crowds. Reid also had a DJI Osmo with him as well for fun gimble shots and even more compact setup.
Reid Petro | PAX East
“The best thing about the whole operation was that the post team was on site. We would drop off a card and when I got back BAM the piece had a rough cut. In almost real time, I could tell what other content we needed to make the best video.”
Reid Petro | PAX East
Thank you IGN, for such an amazing opportunity and weekend! We look forward to working with your team again in the future!