Go To Team New York Crew | MIT The Lisbon MBA Católica

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Have you ever considered furthering your studies? How about just packing your bags and going abroad? Did you know that MIT offers you the chance to do both? Yup! That’s right the Immersion Programs that MIT offers allows you to go for your Masters while spending an entire year abroad. 

How does this work? Students at MIT have the option to finish their college career at the Lisbon MBA Católica which is located in Portugal. When they return to America, they will have a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

New York Crew | MIT Lisbon

MIT and Lisbon MBA Católica chose to work with Go To Team’s New York cameraman Chris Halleen to capture student testimonials of those who have been apart of the abroad program.

The shoot began at MIT’s Great Dome, where our crew set up interviews for the students. Our cameraman shot on a Sony F5, and for lighting, he used litepanels.

New York Crew | MIT Lisbon

After the interviews, our crew joined the students and professors for a dinner celebration where they filmed more footage.

Our crew also got to capture scenic shots of the campus and city through their entire day of shooting.New York Crew | MIT Lisbon

Our crews favorite part about this shoot was learning about what life was like for these students abroad… *Spoiler Alert* It was amazing!

Thank you to MIT and Lisbon MBA Católica choosing to work with Go To Team’s Crew! We look forward to working with you again in the future!