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Have you ever thought about joining a running group, but maybe weren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve even thought about creating your own running group!

Latinos Run

Maria Solis Belizaire did just that by founding Latinos Run. This group is an international community of individuals focused on accountability, exercise, and of course, running! Their mission is to have a global impact by partnering with National and International organizations to help decrease the obesity rate, combat heart disease, high blood pressure as well as encourage our runners to lead healthier lives.

Our New York Dp, Reid Petro, had the amazing opportunity to partner with Cricket Wireless to tell the amazing story of Maria and her journey with founding Latinos Run.

“I was able to chat with Maria, along with many of her running colleagues, and even get to go on a run with them through central park! It was such a moving project and a big kick-in-the-butt for me. I love getting to witness movers and shakers, people who motivate me to be my best self!” – Reid Petro

Our crew shot this project on a Sony F5, along with a Sony A7Sii for the second camera during the interviews. For lighting the interviews, we were able to utilize windows to our advantage!

B-roll was shot in Central Park. Here, we mounted the F5 to a Steadicam so we could get clean and smooth shots! In order to avoid fatigue from holding the rig and running at the same time, our crew rented a pedicab and was able to ride on that for most of the running shots.

Latinos Run

“These are the kind of stories I love telling. Stories that are moving and inspire me to do my best, behind the camera and in my everyday life.” – Reid Petro