Go To Team New York Crew | Cheeses of Europe

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You know what they say: The cheesier the better! Who else has a major cheese addiction? We are so in love with cheese here at Go To Team that we proudly recognize National Cheese day (where you at January 20th?!)  Cheeses of Europe  Our New York cameraman, Reid Petro, had possibly the tastiest projects of all time with KEF Media. He spent the day capturing a profile on the unique Cheese of Europe to show how you can make the most delicious cheese board ever. This is just in time for our holiday parties, and we are obsessed!

“My mouth was absolutely watering when filming this! So I can say that the images work!” – Reid Petro


Our crew was able to create “look lives” for on-air footage, and capture various beauty and b-roll content that is sure to ignite your cheese cravings. The delightful spread they made was due to a master cheesemonger based in New York’s lower east side. Some of the cheeses included the mild triple crème, the hard comté, and the creamy epoisses.


We captured the content with our Sony F5 along with Canon L series glass. We lit the set with a Kino Flow Diva and two 1’x2′ bi-color led panels for background and fill. We had to move fast as they were opening right after we wrapped, but we got the job done and everything turned out great!

C069C002_181210IE.MXF_.08_43_47_13.Still001Our crew has confirmed that the cheese was as tasty as it looked!

“They even let me take some home. Love getting to work on stories like this! Thank you KEF Media and Cheeses of Europe for letting me be a part of this journey!” – Reid Petro