Go To Team: Helping move Charleston’s Creative Community Forward

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“The No. 1 thing is to create awareness,” said Patrick Bryant, parliament co-chairman and managing partner at digital media firm Go To Team. “The fact that creative businesses in Charleston make up such a large piece of the economy is paramount, because it’s true.”

Patrick Bryant, Go To Team Managing Partner

Go To Team has always been part of the creative community, especially in our own backyard. Charleston, SC is not only the Global Headquarters for Go To Team and a great place to live, it’s also an emerging center of creativity that will eventually have the power and panache of music scene in Nashville, Tennessee and Medical Research Triangle in Raleigh, NC. Go To Team’s Corporate Culture is to support the local communities where our Staff Cameramen are located. We’re members of both Film, Digital, and Chambers of Commerce in many of our markets from Virginia to Orlando, Atlanta and now LA.

The above quote is from an article in Charleston’s Regional Business Journal about the work Patrick Bryant, Managing Partner of Go To Team, has done along with countless others to harness the creative energy in Charleston; as well as, publicize it. Check out the entire article: