Go To Team Denver Crew | Nightline – Colorado Cultivars

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CBD: the “it” product of 2019. 

Relief from chronic pain and inflammation, reducing anxiety and depression, calming epilepsy, and aiding in the treatment of heart ailments are just a few of the many benefits to using CBD oil in your everyday life. 

Go To Team’s Denver DP, Ryan Dumville,  recently shot a piece for ABC Nightline at Colorado Cultivars in Wellington, Colorado. Colorado Cultivars is a commercial hemp company that sustainably grows and wholesales industrial hemp with almost 3,500 acres of hemp plants. 

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This episode of Nightline was a larger feature profiling both an Army vetern and pro soccer player, Megan Rapinoe, who have integrated CBD into their lives. For one, CBD helps with his PTSD and it helps Megan with the stress related to competing on a pro level. 

Our crews shoot was focused on the behind the scenes of growing and production. It was the start of a busy day grabbing some pretty tight sunrise beauty shots and drone video of the hemp fields. While we were at the fields we also conducted on the fly interviews with Damien Farris, director of agronomy at Colorado Cultivars. 

Farris discussed how his team works to breed new strains of hemp to test for higher levels of variety of the plants uses.

Start laundry  After shooting the fields, our crew repositioned to another field across town to grab more b-roll of the harvesting and drying process. Go To Team Denver Crew | Nightline - Colorado Cultivars

Dumville shot on a Sony F5 camera with a variety of prime and zoom lenses. Since most of the shoots were outside, lighting set-up was very minimal.The day ended at a greenhouse for more b-roll of the younger plants as well as formal sit down interviews. 

Go To Team Denver Crew | Nightline - Colorado Cultivars

Thank you to ABC for letting Go To Team’s video camera crews to be apart of this Nightline shoot! We look forward to working with you again in the future!