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Soccer, futbol, football, or whatever you choose to call it is becoming one of the most popular, televised sports in the United States. This is all thanks to professional soccer associations, such as the Men’s League Soccer (MLS) and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). 

Go To Team | Atlanta Crew | MLS

In the week leading up to Campeones Cup, last year’s defending champions Atlanta United FC had one last tune-up against current fourth seat New York City FC before taking on Mexico’s top club. 

Go To Team | Atlanta Crew | MLS

Recently, MLS assigned Go To Team’s Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, to film the Atlanta United and New York City FC face off in Atlanta, Georgia. 

image9Go To Team | Atlanta Crew | MLS

Atlanta’s star striker, Josef Martinez, broke the MLS record for consecutive games with a goal, breaking his own record from the previous season. Atlanta pulled out a win against NYC FC, ending in a close two-to-one game. 



Go To Team | Atlanta Crew | MLS

Silverman shot on a Sony F5 equipped with a Canon ENG lens to have the servo to zoom in-and-out smoothly to cover the game. After the game, he shot interviews on the field and in the locker room. Additionally, the crew shot some post-game standups.

Go To Team | Atlanta Crew | MLS


Stay tuned on Wednesday, August 14th as Nate Silverman teams up with MLS to broadcast the Campeones Cup. Go To Team looks forward to capturing the competition and shooting future projects with the MLS.