Go To Team Atlanta Crew | American Securities

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The leading U.S. private equity firm, American Securities, held their annual retreat last week for business partners in Sea Island, Georgia.

While they were all together, American Securities sat down with some of the CEOs of these businesses to hear the impact American Securities has had on their growth and Go To Team’s Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, was there to capture it all.

American Securities | Nate Silverman

Our crew shot the interviews on a Sony F5 using the Canon L-series 70-200mm lens and shot at 4k to have the option to push in for a close-up. Our crew used three different set-ups shooting into the corners of the room to provide the most depth possible. For lighting, we used Generay bi-color light panels set to tungsten and then CTO gels over them to match the warmth of the lights in the room.

American Securities | Nate Silverman

Our crews favorite part of the shoot was hearing from prominent CEOs about how American Securities has positively impacted their business.

Thank you to American Securities for continuing to work with Go To Team. We look forward to working with you again in the future.