Go To Team at Wrestlemania 33 – Part 3

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Wrestlemania 33

Continued from Part 2…

Read up on our Waco, Texas cameraman‘s experience at Wrestlemania 33:

I couldn’t wait to get down to Orlando for Wrestlemania 33.  This was my second time at WWE’s biggest event of the year.  I spent the week leading up to the event working on season two of “The Edge and Christian Show.”  We had a pretty large room to work in, but the room was weirdly shaped which made setting up a 20×20 green screen a bit challenging.  We used a local grip truck to light the green screen.  Having a grip truck made the process a lot simpler.  I used a couple Kinos and fresnels on the green screen set up.

We spent the week shooting skits in front of the green screen.  A number of WWE Superstars participated in Edge and Christian’s skits including, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, and Sgt. Slaughter.  We shot on two Sony F5’s with the Canon 17-120mm.  I mounted my Odyssey 7Qplus to the Sony F5 for a backup and producer monitor.  We were so busy that the week flew by.  I didn’t have an assignment on Sunday so I was able to watch the event from backstage.  It was pretty cool.  Can’t wait till next year’s Wrestlemania.