Go To Team Los Angeles Is Hanging Out At The Bar!

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Go To Team’s new office in Los Angeles has been busy ever since setting up shop last summer.  Skip Clark has been traveling for NASCAR the last five months but has also been working locally during the week.  One of his regular gigs is a show for Fox Sports Dot Com – Barfly.  The three camera show, a combination of Go To Team’s Sony F3 and two Panasonic HPX-170s is a sports talk show that’s just a little different than the everyday sports talk program.



Fox Sports columnist Mark Kriegel hosts the show from The Palm restaurant every Monday as he brings in a couple of guests for a drink or two at the bar and some dinner in the restaurant while Alex, the “bartender” is there to keep Mark on track and in check.  The whole show is shot very “fly on the wall” as the guests just hang out at the bar.  Even to the point that the bar and restaurant stay open throughout the entire recording of the show!



The crew has been working around servers and guests for the entire run of the show.  To keep the show’s footprint small in the restaurant Skip picked the simplest lighting possible – an Arri 600 open face paired with a Chimera lantern.  It means just one lightstand on the floor but does the job recreating the bar feel.  Be sure to catch the show – it airs each weekly on the FSN Regional networks and each week on FoxSports.Com on Tuesdays as part of Fox Sports Dot Com’s new Lunch With Benefits programming.