In the digital age, data is becoming more and more crucial. Forbes has recognized data importance and wanted to highlight one of the leading data firms: Teradata.

Teradata specifically provides statistics and insights to companies who need them.   Forbes

Forbes recently partnered with Assignment Desk, and cameraman Brendan Compton, to cover a seminar with Teradata and young business professionals.

The clients of the intelligence firm range from small one-location businesses to some of the largest companies in the world. Teradata’s expertise has been building since their founding in 1979 and they have now become one of the world’s leading data providers.


The recent seminar with Forbes was to educate young business professionals on how to read and interpret data. From there, the data helps business decision makers make meaningful decisions to improve their company. Data has become more and more important in the business world, and companies like Teradata are leading the way in providing companies what they need.

The crew filmed the seminar on a Sony F5 camera. The room of the seminar had practical lighting (overhead fixtures). Natural light from the windows lit the speaker. The natural light was great to work with! This is because it made the lighting setup easier. The audio was recorded using an on-camera microphone. This allows the crew to capture the full spectrum of the room’s audio while focusing on the speaker.

Thank you to Forbes and Teradata for working with Assignment desk to cover this seminar, and we hope to work together in the future!

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