Filming the NBA All-Star Games

Filming the NBA All-Star Games | Assignment Desk | Blog – Have you ever thought to yourself while watching an NBA game, how do they catch all of these various angles, in live time? Since we have come into this industry, we were clueless, but obviously now Assignment Desk is very educated on how the cameras and angles work! 

The Man in the Stands at the NBA All-Star Games: 

We are sure that you have most likely witnessed the cameraman in the stands if you have ever been to an NBA game. The cameraman in the stands usually gets wide-angle shots. Their main job is to get shots of the entire court. Luckily for them, they are far away from getting hit by a basketball or fall on from one of the players. Other cameramen are not as lucky!

Filming the NBA All-Star Games

Danger… Danger…

Welcome to the life of the cameramen on the court! These cameramen have all of their equipment and themselves right by the players who are throwing around a basketball. At any moment they could be hit, or their equipment may be knocked over! Clearly, these cameramen are always in danger, but they love what they do. Also, most of the time the coast is clear and they are fine. These cameramen are extremely important when filming the NBA All-Star games. They catch shots of players up close, rather than the man in the stands who gets the entire court. 


As we all know, nobody is sitting behind the hoop with a camera. GoPro’s are how the NBA captures shots of the ball going into the hoop. You know when everyone jumps off the couch cause the NBA is about to zoom in on the ball either going in or out of the hoop? A GoPro is capturing that moment! Props to every GoPro when they capture a swish! 

Filming the NBA All-Star Games

Filming the NBA All-Star Games is such an amazing achievement for cameramen. They are all so ecstatic about being there that they are not thinking, what if I get hit by that basketball? Or even worse trampled by a player? Instead, they are loving capturing the games for everyone else watching on television! If you ever need a crew, give us a call!

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